Anatomy of a Ring

Like all profesionals, jewellers have thier own set of vocabulary that we use when talking about our work. To all newcomers, these words might sound like we are speaking a different language. So to help you not get lost when speaking to a jeweller about a ring, here is a quick explanation of the basic parts of a ring, and what some of our crazy lingo means!

The Shank: Also known as the band, this is the main part of the ring that encircles your finger.

The Shoulders: This is the part of the shank closest to the stone. This is also the part that is often set with stones when a ring has a diamond set band.

The Bridge: The part of the band directly under the stone, that connects the two shoulders.

The Setting/Collet: This is the part of the ring that holds the main stone, or stones. A collet is the typical term jewellers use for a stone setting.

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